For Those Who Expand Your Existing Concrete Driveway, Will New Concrete Fade To Match?

You might be wanting to turn only one automobile driveway right into a double, or maybe including room for additional auto storage or even a spot for an RV. But you might be worried about no matter whether or not the brand new concrete portion in the driveway will match the older concrete This article will examine your choices.

Sure, all concrete fades since it dries and cures, and definitely right after many years of solar and temperature exposure it fades a lot more. Even so, for those who are hoping a fresh concrete addition for your previous concrete driveway will match, most contractors will tell you the answer is no. To put it simply, the life time from the initial concrete driveway can’t be matched without the exact same quantity of growing older. Your young brother will almost always be your younger brother, the same goes with concrete. But that doesn’t imply the brand new addition towards the driveway will not glimpse very good.

A first-rate concrete contractor just isn’t likely to stay you having a patch-worked, mismatched driveway addition. There is certainly an artwork to the craft, and a contractor will assess the format on the area, having into account the older driveway, and find a technique to make the addition function in harmony with whatever you already have.

Build Designs

One particular possibility consists of building a border about the older portion in the driveway to tie it in together with the new. Or, space permitting, adding an equivalent total of concrete on each sides from the unique, earning a novel pattern. There are numerous variations that could enable for a skillfully made look.


Textures could also insert a fascinating difference between aged and new concrete parts that can compliment each other. In case you have already got brushed concrete, one example is, elect to own the new location be sandblasted. This way you might be averting any attempt to make the freshly laid concrete match.

Shade or Stain

Concrete needn’t just be described as a gray slab, and when you’re apprehensive about an exact match in your present-day driveway, why not go the whole reverse with coloration? While mainly linked with parks or general public locations, contractors present hues like buff, yellow, crimson, inexperienced, blue, brown or black for dwelling driveways too.

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