8 Merchandise You Are not able to Retail store in Self Storage

Self storage provides usefulness at a value that is definitely unbeatable. It could help release space as part of your houses or places of work and you have the independence to accessibility your factors anytime you’d like with none limitations. Nonetheless, not almost everything may be stored in a very self storage facility. You can find objects which have been prohibited by self storage companies resulting from regulations and polices. You should definitely check with the company in case your item is usually saved or else you risk producing a wasted excursion down security self storage.


Weapons that could induce damage to some others which include firearms are strictly prohibited in Singapore and is a money punishment. Even if you take care of to bring in firearms, you’re not allowed to preserve them in self storage services due to their perilous character. No service provider in their appropriate state of mind will accept those merchandise.


Perishable products for instance food items and drinks are usually not permitted to be kept in self storage amenities except they are in local climate and humidity managed containers. This can be on account of the truth that they may go bad and decay right after some time and may result in wellbeing troubles.

Any living factors

You could banish the thought of storing dwelling issues for example vegetation and animals in self storage services. Firstly, it is actually inhumane. Secondly, they will die and it is actually prohibited by legislation too.

Inflammable products

Flamable products like propane tanks, kerosene, motor oils, fertilizers, paints, acids and fireworks are dangerous and so are strictly prohibited. They not simply pose a hazard on the person, in addition they could perhaps destroy the whole self storage facility.

Faux products

Burglars and fake branded products sellers acquire notice. You will be unable to keep your illegal points within a self storage facility. No first rate self storage corporations enables illegal or fake products and solutions to become stored in their facility.


Not all self storage corporations enables jewellery as well as other valuables to generally be stored in their facility. This is often as a result of the substantial worth of the products by itself. Nevertheless, if storage is authorized, buyers will typically need to comply with sure limitations and need to have acquired their particular insurance plan with the items.


Aerosols can pose a risk towards the facility should they explode. Thus, most self storage providers forbid them to get saved in storage.

Car or truck tires

While car tires don’t pose substantially of a security or well being hazard, most self storage organizations forbid them mainly due to the higher value incurred to dispose them when consumers fail to claim again their item soon after their agreement finishes.

Higher than are some on the prohibited merchandise when applying self storage services and any failure to abide by them may perhaps outcome in fast termination from the deal and possibly legal concerns.

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